Natural skin care is very important as problems of acne, zits and pimples can only be avoided via daily Face care.

Acne is defines as an inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous (oil) glands, located under the skin. 

When glandular activity increases, the glands start to secrete more sebum than normal, the sebum becomes trapped under the skin, the gland gets broken, spilling sebum, this irritates the soft skin and pimple forms. 

Acne starts to affect several body parts, face, back, neck and chest. All of these types of acne can be easily treated with natural home remedies. 

Effects of acne

12 natural skin care tips for Acne and zit 

Using home remedies for natural skin care and acne removal can easily eliminate the side effects of prescription drugs. 

Acne is defined as one of the most common skin problems affecting millions of people across the World. 

It mainly occurs when a group of pimples, blemishes or zits crop up on your skin. Zits start to appear on the skin mainly because of an infection or an inflammation in the sebaceous glands. 

At times you may or may not notice a single bump or zit although in most cases, zits appear in a group or in clusters. 

You may experience an outbreak of zits as a one off. However, several people mainly suffer from acne on a regular basis. 

In case of a chronic acne problem, you are likely to see new acne lesions appear on your skin, even before the old ones heal completely and disappear. This could be quite frustrating for anyone.  

Studies through various reasearch indicates that zits are a lot more common in teenagers and young adults, as compared to most others. 

In most cases, acne and zits are not a very serious problem as they never really cause any kind of complications. 

However, zits could cause you a lot of embarrassment and can also lead to a decline in a persons self-confidence. 

Acne not only leave their mark on your skin; they also do a lot of high damage to your self-image. 

Fortunately, it is possible to deal with zits easily and get them treated, so that they are removed, without leaving any kind of marks or scars on the skin. 

Moreover, there are many easy and natural ways in which zits can be prevented. You can do so, by making a few simple good dietary or lifestyle changes and by following a simple skincare routine. Skin care for acne and zits removal is very important.

12 Tips to prevent Acne 

There are a number of tips for acne removal that also prevent breakouts and scars. Use the below tips for natural skin care and acne removal.

1) Wash your face without fail twice a day with warm water and a mild use of soap or gentle pH balanced cleanser, then apply a good moisturizer for acne prone type skin 

2) Eat a very healthy, well balanced diet which includes fresh healthy fruit and green vegetables 

3) Drink atleast eight glasses of water a day to flush the toxins from the body 

4) Exercise daily to increase the flow of oxygen to the skin which can help to reduce acne 

5) Reduce your daily caffeine intake 

6) Avoid touching your face with your dirty fingers and never try to pop pimples as this will only lead to swelling and scarring 

7) Remove the make-up before going to bed as it clogs the pores. Most useful and simple natural skin care tips.

8) Shampoo your hair more regularly and keep it out of your face to prevent oil and dirt from clogging into the pores 

9) Shower after every exercise and workout routines because the sweat and the oils in the skin easily traps dirt and bacteria 

10) Avoid wearing clothes that irritate the skin if acne develops on your body 

11) Wear a good spf sunscreen when you go outside 

12) Stop smoking forever as it worsens acne Infections within the pores and sebaceous glands of the skin can manifest as abscesses, heartburn and pimples. 

Cause of Acne

In acne, our hormone imbalance over stimulates the skin's healthy oil glands, making it particularly common during infancy, adolescence, menses and menopause. 

Underlying factors include basic nutritional deficiencies, hypoglycemia, stressed out adrenals, bad food allergies and harmfull environmental toxins. 

Though these bad skin infections are caused by the bacteria, they indicate a high toxic overload in this, the body's largest detoxification organ. Hence skin care is highly important.

For eliminating as much waste per day from kidneys, the skin must take over when other detox organs, such as the colon and liver, are not functioning up to the normal standards. 

Poor liver function is the main cause for the increase in the buildup of acne-producing steroids in the body. 

Suppression with the antibiotics or topical treatments have high significant side effects and are hardly a good cure. 

Herbs and home remedies for acne problems with natural antibacterial effects can be used easily alongside those that strengthen the immune system of body and improve various detoxification organs especially the liver and intestines. 

Elimination of daily dairy, coffee and individual dietary allergens is crucial skin care as it is very important and caffeine increases the chances of acne so its better to avoid it.


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