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Basic Home remedies for Dry Skin Treatment For You

How to treat dry skin on face?
How to treat dry skin on face?

Dry skin can be irritating because the scars you have will be permanently present as guardians of the moon. However, with proper skin care, dry skin can fight back.

And you know, what is your "Guru Mantra" (Master Spell) - "Hydration"

All you need is hydration, hydration and hydration. But you don't have to be a water mammal and bathe all day. Instead the use of hydrating products can be fruitful.

Basic home remedies for dry skin:

  1. Drink a GALON OF WATER - Like 12 glasses of water every day, and drink lemon juice on an empty stomach. Drink fruit juice day and night and drink green tea after dinner.
  2. Eat vegetables and fiber with the right protein and vitamins in your area. Eat a salad regularly.

So here are Basic home remedies for dry skin.

Pro Home remedies for dry skin:

  1. Massage your face with oil before bathing.
  2. Then use a foam cleaner or a good face wash to remove all the oil. (Your skin can be dry but use non-abrasive skin oil)
  3. Then use a gulab jal (rose water) Toner. Pour some amount into the palm of your hand and pull it all over your face and let it absorb the skin. If your skin feels dry use 7 to 10 layers of rose water. I know working hard but working hard doesn't pay. Rose water also helps to balance the pH of your skin and provides a thin layer of moisture.
  4. Finally mark the tone by mixing gglycerine + rosewater and letting your skin abosrb the mixture. Glycerine is an excellent source of hydration and many products actually contain glycerine. With Rose water the consistency will be very pleasant and your skin can stay smooth.
  5. Then apply vasaline on your face. It can give your skin an oily look and why you should use vasaline. To use vasaline take only a small amount of pea size, and rub it on the palm of your hand to produce heat. This will help to improve the aborb better on your skin without creating an oily look. Now that you have vasaline in the palm of your hand, lower it with your face gently. You can also use a few drops of oil instead of vasaline or serum.
  6. Then use a herbal cream to remove scars and hyperpigmention. Skip if you don't have one. I don't use No Marks, it's actually a little dry but I still use it.
  7. Then use a natural hydration cream. You can use any natural cream, using the perfect touch of Boro Plus. But you can also use Vico turmeric or natural ice cream.
  8. After that, apply baby cream, because they are very strong and the baby's skin is soft, so the cream will not hurt.
  9. Now comes the moisture step, so to stabilize my skin using a moisturizer that actually tends to the skin and weighs less. Use a moisturizer as you use vasaline. If you still feel thirsty then, reapply.
  10. Now I add suncream, which is also hydrating.
  11. Laslty, I rub the powder on my face but I just cover everything.

Some beautiful mask to treat dry skin

  1. Sheet mask - the master of hydration, if you have dry skin this is your ex.
  2. Face oil and milk - Apply overnight and wash off in the morning but make sure your skin does not get rid of the products.
  3. Honey and glycerine mask - apply for 10 minutes in the evening.
  4. Oil mask - Warm oil massage is excellent.
  5. Fruit mask - Apply the fruit on your face like a mango peel or watermelon.
  6. Moisturizer mask - Combine a few drops of oil with moisturizer.
  7. Ice mask - Rub ice cubes with boiled tea water, green tea accordingly.
  8. Stay hydrated throughout the day

These are the best 8 mask to avoid dry skin for you.

Basic Points to follow for treating dry skin

Fill the spray bottle with water and spray it on your face from time to time. If you want more, you can use tea with oil boiled and glycerine with aloe gel, so that your makeup does not spoil.

Take a piece of cloth with plenty of water storage, immerse in water or rise in water and soak in a dry place for 10 minutes.

Use eye cream and lip balm especially. And have plenty of moisture to use if you feel thirsty at any time.

Drink plenty of water whenever you feel thirsty.

So we hope you got answer on how to treat dry skin on face and like this dry skin home remedies.

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