Let us understand peace of mind and ways to achieve it as getting peace of mind is important for every one to live healthy and happy.

As for some Peace of mind is being honest and living easy in life. Personal integrity, honesty, and the simplicity of life are essential to get the peace we all want in life. 

Being surrounded by people you love and people who love you is important and if you don't find people like that there is always someone dear, GOD. The life you have spent serving other people can contribute to much inner peace.

But as all the above is a vague description of peace of mind, understanding the real meaning of peace of mind and achieving it is important so just read below.

Learning the true meaning of peace of mind and ways for achieving it

Peace of Mind Secrets That You Must Know
Peace of Mind Secrets That You Must Know

In simple words peace of mind means to be at peace with yourself and the world.

The Patanjali Yoga Sutra is also known as रारतीय मानस शास्त्र, Indian psychology. It says when the brain lucid does not release judgment and balance.

Saucha is a concept that refers to purity in actions, words, and thoughts;  including external physical hygiene and internal mental cleanliness.

Shaucha, or absolute chastity, is considered to be essential to normal life, happiness, and well-being.

External hygiene is achieved through daily cleansing, and inner purity is cultivated through physical exercise, including asana (standing) and pranayama (breathing techniques). 

Along with daily cleansing to cleanse the human body, Shaucha’s mind promotes cleansing around, as well as fresh and clean food to cleanse the body. Saucha deficiency, such as allowing its toxins in the body to cause pollution.

Shaucha goes beyond physical cleanliness, and it includes the purity of speech and mind. Anger, hatred, prejudice, greed, pride, fear, evil thoughts are the source of uncleanness. Mental impurity is washed away through self-examination (Adhyatma- Vidya).

Before delving into the ways of finding inner peace, I would like to consider the basic concept of inner peace. To clarify further we will divide the article into three parts. First, what is inner peace? Second, why do so many people fail to achieve it? Third, how can you actually achieve peace of mind?

What is inner peace of mind? 

Inner peace in our opinion is a lasting state of calm. Inner peace does not depend on any circumstances and does not last long. Once you get there, there is no going back. Then one can live in that peace forever.

People often confuse happiness with inner peace. However, both situations are very different in perspective. Happiness is a temporary state of mind. It continues to change in circumstances. So is sadness. So what is happiness and what is sorrow and what causes these conditions? 

The simple answer is that the fulfillment of any desire is a pleasure, and the failure of any desire can produce sadness. Now as our mind continues to crave something or something every minute and all our desires are unfulfilled, this cycle of happiness and sorrow continues to repeat itself. 

When we get what we want, we feel happy for a while, and then we want something else and when we don't get it, we feel sorry for it. Both of these provinces are temporary and depend on the circumstances around us.

Silence is very different and very difficult to describe in words as it is an attitude. Explaining is the same as describing a person who has never tasted mango, the taste of mango. Simply put, an attitude in which a person does not feel pain or joy. 

The joy and sadness both vibrate in different forms. Peacefully, no vibration. Nothing can make you happy and nothing can make you sad in this situation. No matter how tempting or permissive they may be, they will not affect you. That is why peace is eternal. 

The point of returning home is that, there is also no glorification of  happiness in peace of mind, peace is beyond the concept of happiness and sorrow. A peaceful man is immune to the pain and happiness of both.

Why do most people fail to achieve peace of mind? 

The simple answer is, people do not want peace. People want individual happiness. Famous people who have seen their share of the joys and sorrows of life after life and who are tired of this never-ending cycle begin to seek peace and achieve this.

How can you actually find inner peace  of mind? 

We think you now understand the difference between happiness and peace of mind. Now to understand the concept of peace we must first see the end of happiness. 

Most of the people who write to us are unhappy because they may not have the money or the partner you want in life. There are other problems too but these are the two most common issues that make people write to me. I try to reason with them, but nobody listens.

Money and Peace of Mind

To those who think that money can make them happy, let me give you an example. We all know that someone who is extremely rich. He has no regrets for anything less than 10,000. He has everything one can think of. It has 8-10 offices worldwide, 5-6 large houses in India and abroad as well, luxury car dealerships including Roll Royce etc. in his family life. 

He's a good man and he lives by his own will too, but believe he got a suggestion. See all that seems perfect in his story. Now the interesting part is, the same guy tried to kill himself twice. On average once a year he runs away from his home and is later found in this and that ashram. 

You will ask why? His problem is he lives in a close-knit family with one older brother and his family. He has a business relationship with his brother and his complaint is that his older brother is not listening to him. 

One could argue that he could simply separate from his brother. But no, he doesn't want that, he just wants his older brother to listen to him in every business decision he doesn't make. This is a reason to grieve over his long life. 

A person may laugh at their problem, but still be sad all the time. So the point is that even after a lot, one can try to commit suicide twice and prove that money is not everything and there is no guarantee that it will keep you happy for a long time.

The second group of people who come to me all have problems in their relationships. Some people want to start a new relationship with someone they think will make their lives happier. And some want their existing relationship with their loved one to be as real as they would like it to be. However in both cases, even if that happens for a while, everything will change again. 

No matter how much two people love each other, it starts to fade over time. Most married people do not really enjoy each other. In some relationships people want others to change their will. The daughter of the law has problems with her mother-in-law, the husband with the wife, the parents with the children and the saga continues constantly. 

Everyone thinks that if a person starts behaving the way I want him to, my life will be happier. However, that does not happen. Remember they all started their diverse relationships on a particularly interesting note but times change and people refuse to accept that.

We have quoted only two examples, We can quote hundreds of these examples and the story remains the same. That is why Guru Nanak says, Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar / O Nanak, this whole world is sad.

Now the question is how can we get out of it? 

First of all, we need to understand and accept that real happiness or lasting peace cannot be relied on by someone else. We need to realize that a variety of good things can make us happy for a while and will not bring us peace. 

We must understand that in order to achieve inner peace we will have to align ourselves with Nature, there is no other way. We continue to suffer because it is human nature to work against Nature. We need to fix it here. Understand that the world will not work out in your favor. This will not happen. Even if it is made for a while, it will change soon. Change is the only thing that is consistent.

No meditation, no mantra, no sadhna that can give you inner peace. The Babas may demean you or you may dislike them thinking you are peaceful at some point but you will face a painful reality soon.

Peace of mind will come when you adapt to Nature. To do so let things happen at their own pace. Do not respond to positive and negative situations. Let the good times and the bad pass. Just be a spectator of your life. This is how you connect with Nature. Having said that, it is the hardest thing to do in life. But it is impossible. Being peaceable is hard work, requiring much effort and patience.

We want to write more about finding inner peace but most of the article is on trying to make you understand the difference between happiness and peace of mind. We will write more about this in another article.

Thanks For Reading all about peace of mind.

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