Here are more than 50 ways to live longer, healthier and happier in life, so read these tips that are only for you written in simple language.

Awesome 50+ Ways to Live Longer

50+ Ways To Live Longer and Healthier For You
50+ Ways To Live Longer and Healthier For You

Before giving out the 50 ways to live longer you all have to understand something very basic before you just waste your life and regret it, you have to take care of your health.

Taking care of your health first and foremost depends on how maintained and effective your body is in getting rid of the harmful toxins.

Toxins can be of 2 types physical, and mental so understand that you have to get rid of these toxins.

The three best bodily functions that help you get rid of these harmful physical toxins in your body are- Urine, Poop and Sweat, so just make sure you are having no problems in these three process.

So all the 50 ways to live longer are written to help you in getting rid of the toxins (physical or mental), or to not actively engaging in introducing and increasing the amount of toxins in our bodies.

Simple 50 Ways to live longer

  1. Drink a lot of water.
  2. Eat a lot of healthy fiber.
  3. Wash your bum properly after each bowel moment.
  4. Wash your hands.
  5. Exercise, or play a sport of your choice.
  6. Don’t smoke.
  7. Don’t drink alcohol or always drink alcohol in moderation.
  8. Never do drugs.
  9. Avoid getting into fights.
  10. Reduce your added sugar intake to be less than 10gms a day.
  11. Prefer Whole Foods to refined foods.
  12. Get laid (of course hoping that you are of appropriate age)
  13. Don’t get laid with strangers.
  14. Avoid one night stands.
  15. Use protection.
  16. Don’t over indulge in watching pornography.
  17. Carry hand sanitizer, and use it.
  18. Practice informed breathing. Your abdomen should expand when you breathe in and contract when you breathe out.
  19. Don’t consume a lot of caffeinated products.
  20. Don’t drink coffee/tea after a certain cut off time (my cut-off is 1 PM).
  21. Don’t drink carbonated drinks (ever notice that we exhale carbon dioxide?)
  22. Eat foods which are rich in anti-oxidants.
  23. Eat foods rich in vitamin C (lemon, gooseberry)
  24. Spend some time in the nature everyday.
  25. Don’t eat snacks which have a lot of salt (e.g. chips, nachos)
  26. Get enough sleep.
  27. Don’t get too much sleep.
  28. Sleep in time and wake up early.
  29. Use sunscreen.
  30. Don’t break your sleeping pattern even on the weekends.
  31. Don’t indulge in negative self talk.
  32. You can eat the cake, but in moderation.
  33. Meditate
  34. Love others, but love yourself a little more.
  35. When a relationship dies, let it go. Don’t be desperate.
  36. Don’t be jealous.
  37. Search for a purpose greater than you.
  38. Be mindful, not mind-full
  39. Don’t indulge in gossip.
  40. And while you are doing all this, don’t forget to smile.
  41. Don’t hang out with negative people.
  42. Don’t read news as the first thing in the morning.
  43. Go tech free for at least 1 hour every morning and 1 hour before you sleep.
  44. Hear to listen, don’t hear to respond.
  45. Commit to consistency.
  46. Look on both sides of the road while crossing
  47. Brush your teeth twice a day everyday
  48. Don’t fight with online trolls.
  49. Practice a hobby that makes you happy.
  50. Practice gratitude.
  51. Delay gratification.

Follow the above 50 ways to live longer and healthier.

Best 50 ways to Live longer

  1. Loving others.
  2. Smile.
  3. Yoga.
  4. Analyzing your thoughts.
  5. A good sleep .
  6. Exercise.
  7. Not judging others.
  8. Being Real .
  9. Not underrating him/herself.
  10. Not overrating him/herself.
  11. Thinking positive.
  12. Changing negative thoughts into positive.
  13. Learn to forgive.
  14. Believe that you’re blessed.
  15. Be thankful.
  16. Learning something new regularly.
  17. Never be hopeless.
  18. Watch your words.
  19. Don’t hurt others by your words.
  20. Sleep in peace and wake in joy.
  21. Eleminate jealousy.
  22. Never criticise yourself.
  23. Don’t expect too much .
  24. Be easy. You are the best.
  25. Not blaming others for your failure.
  26. Writing 10 mins to praise yourself.
  27. Eating healthy food.
  28. Self grooming
  29. Don't beg anyone to stay in your life .
  30. Understand your value , you matters.
  31. Wear whatever you want to , literally no body cares.
  32. Feel good about yourself and that's possible only when you look beautiful. So feel beautiful.
  33. Do something good everyday and Don't give up on your good habits , wanna do belly dance do it no one cares ,wanna sing loudly do it no one cares ,wanna make some drawings do it , and just don't care about anyone coz even they don't care much!
  34. Do write A Diary if you want your life to be more organized.
  35. Tell them about your feelings , atleast a clear rejection is way far better than a fake relationship.
  36. Don't smoke.
  37. Don't drink alcohol ,if you really want a Big life.
  38. Don't do drugs!
  39. Read something good every day.
  40. Talk to yourself and walk with yourself.
  41. Stay silent where your words doesn't count.
  42. Break silence wherever your self respect is in danger.
  43. Don't wait for their reply , maintain some distance and let them miss you .
  44. Study hard , ultimately it's the study which is directly proportional to success.
  45. Compliment people even they look ugly.
  46. Compliment yourself as well even if you look more ugly.
  47. Stay happy ultimately it's the ultimate goal.
  48. You look beautiful and you have to accept this at any cost.
  49. Value yourself , love yourself and be the king of our own world.
  50. At last be kind and show compassion towards everyone.

So above are some of the best 50 ways to live longer in life and live a calm and peaceful life.

So follow the 50 ways to live longer and practice serenity in life.

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