Here are the health benefits of eating chocolate for women and men defining the advantages of disadvantages of eating chocolate so read on.

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The Facts About Chocolate that makes it Lovable yet Dangerous

Health Benefits of eating dark chocolates
Health Benefits of eating dark chocolates

With cacao seeds as a raw material, milk and dark chocolate is one of the best sources of antioxidants in the world that increases the health benefits of eating chocolate.

Some studies show that dark chocolate (and this is important: the heath benefits of eating dark chocolate are not the same as milk chocolate or white chocolate) can improve health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Below are some points defining the great many health benefits of eating dark chocolate, milk chocolates benefits and others.

1. Nutritious Value You Get From Eating Chocolates

If you buy high-quality dark chocolate with high value content, the quality of health benefits of eating dark chocolates gets high. It contains a large amount of soluble fiber and is rich in minerals.

100 grams of bitter chocolate has 70 or 80% ancestral content including:

11 grams of fiber

67% of the recommended daily value (CDR) of steel.

58% CDR magnesium.

89% copper CDR.

98% of manganese CDR.

It also contains a lot of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.

Of course, 100 grams is a high value and is not something to be consumed every day.Moreover if you consider that these nutrients are equivalent to 600 calories and a moderate amount of sugar.

This is why it is best to use dark chocolate in moderation or you will have to face the disadvantages of eating chocolates.

The chocolates with cocoa oil and hot chocolate is excellent. Fats are very saturated and monounsaturated, with low polyunsaturated amounts.

It also contains stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine, but in very small amounts in relation to, for example, coffee.

In short: dark chocolate is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and other minerals that increases the health benefits of eating dark chocolates.

2. Chocolates is a powerful source of antioxidants

The ability to absorb oxygen radicals is a measure of the antioxidant activity of food.

Basically, researchers are dealing with a certain amount of free radicals against a food sample and looking at how the antioxidants it contains can “cleanse” them.

The natural suitability of this measure is questionable because it is made in a test tube and may not function in the same way in the body.

However, it is important to note that untreated cocoa seeds are among the foods that have the best results in this type of experiment.

Dark chocolate is full of biologically active organisms and acts as antioxidants. These include polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins, among others.

Some studies have shown that cork and hot chocolate contain more antioxidant activity, polyphenols and flavonoids than any other fruit tested, including blueberries and a├žai.

In summary: cocoa and hot chocolate contain a variety of powerful antioxidants, much more than most foods and this increases the health benefits of eating dark chocolates for women.

3. Eating Chocolates improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure

Flavonoids in hot chocolate can stimulate endothelium, clotting blood vessels, producing nitric oxide.

One of the functions of this gas is to send signals to the arteries, which in turn lowers blood pressure and, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

There are many studies showing that cocoa and hot chocolate can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure, but the effects are usually mild.

However, there are also studies that have been done on people with high blood pressure who have not shown any effect, so it would be a good idea for them to take this seriously.

In summary: the bioactive components in cocoa can improve blood flow in the arteries and cause a small but significant decrease in blood pressure which is one of the great many health benefits of eating dark chocolates .

4. Health benefits of eating raises HDL cholesterol and protects LDL against pools

Eating hot chocolate can improve many of the risk factors for heart problems.

In a controlled trial, cocoa powder significantly reduced oxidized LDL cholesterol in men.

In addition, it raises HDL and lowers the total amount of LDL in men with high cholesterol.

Oxidized LDL means that this "bad" cholesterol reacts to free radicals. This activates the LDL particle and can damage other tissues, such as the lining of the coronary arteries.

It makes sense that cocoa lowers oxidized LDL, as it contains a large number of powerful antioxidants that reach the bloodstream and protect lipoproteins from oxidative damage.

Bitter chocolate can also lower insulin resistance, another common risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

In summary: hot chocolate promotes several important properties of diabetes. It also reduces the tendency of LDL to oxidative damage while simultaneously elevating HDL and improving insulin sensitivity.

5. Advantages of eating chocolates can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

The protection of the oxidation of LDL produced by the components of hot chocolate, can, in turn, create very little cholesterol in the bloodstream, which can reduce the risk of chronic heart disease.

And there are several long-term experimental studies showing significant improvement.

In a study of 470 men, the ancestor reduced the risk of death from heart problems by 50% over a 15-year period.

Some studies have shown that eating chocolate two or more times a week reduces the risk of plaque formation by 32%. Using it often does not work.

And other studies have shown that eating chocolate five or more times a week has reduced the risk of heart problems by 57%.

Of course, these studies are speculative, so they cannot prove that chocolate is the risk factor.

However, if you look at the biological process in which bitter chocolate lowers blood pressure and oxidized LDL, it is clear that regular use can reduce the risk of heart disease and this a very good health benefits of eating dark chocolates for adults.

In summary: there are observational studies that have shown a significant reduction in heart problems in people who eat large amounts of chocolate which is a disadvantage of eating chocolates.

6. Healthy  Chocolates Protects the skin from the sun

Bioactive ingredients in hot chocolate can be very helpful for the skin. Flavonoids protect against damage caused by the sun, improve blood flow to the skin and increase its density and hydration.

A small dose of erythematogenic (DEM) is the smallest amount of ultraviolet radiation needed to create redness in the skin 24 hours after exposure.

In a 30-person study, DEM was doubled after eating high-quality chocolate flavors for flavonoids for 12 weeks.

Therefore, with a holiday at the beach, it is not wrong to eat large amounts of bitter chocolate in the weeks and months.

In summary: some studies show that cocoa flavonoids improve blood flow to the skin and protect it from sun damage which is a great in list benefits of dark chocolate for men and women.

7. Eating Dark Chocolates Improves brain function

A study of healthy volunteers showed that five days of high-dose flavonoid intake improved blood flow to the brain.

Cocaine can also significantly improve mental performance in older people who experience a decrease in their mental capacity.

It also promotes fluency and various aspects of risk factors.

In addition, it contains stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine, which may be the main reasons why cocoa improves brain function in the short term.

So all the above reasons show and prove the  defining 20 health benefits of chocolate, advantages and disadvantages of cadbury dairy milk, pros and cons of chocolate,milk chocolate benefits, amul dark chocolate benefits.

10 Reasons Why Chocolate is good for You

Here are 10 reasons why chocolate is right for you;

  1. Health benefits of eating dark chocolates reduces the risk of stroke; A 2011 Swedish study found that women who ate more than 45 grams of chocolate per week had a 20 percent lower risk of stroke than women who behaved less than 9 grams of sweets.
  2. Advantages of eating Chocolates enhances heart health; Chocolate eaters regularly receive a host of benefits for their heart, including low blood pressure, "bad" LDL "cholesterol and low risk of heart disease.
  3. It will fill you up; Because it is rich in fiber, dark chocolate can help you stay full, so you will eat less, Dr. David Katz, founding director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center and HuffPost blogger told The Huffington Post. Regular chocolate eaters can do themselves a favor by getting a bite instead of eating "11 other things first" he said. Dark chocolate does a much better trick than milk, according to a small study from the University of Copenhagen, and it may reduce cravings for sugary, salty and fatty foods.
  4. It may fight diabetes; A small Italian study in 2005 found that eating chocolate regularly increased insulin sensitivity, thus reducing the risk of diabetes.
  5. It protects your skin; Forget what you heard about chocolate that causes a rash: Dark chocolate is actually good for your skin. A type of antioxidants called flavonoids found in dark chocolate provide protection from UV damage from the sun. And no, that doesn't mean you can skip sun protection!
  6. It can cough in peace; Can't stop coughing? The chocolate compound called theobromine appears to reduce the activity of the vagus nerve, the part of the brain that produces the most difficult cough. Toward the end of 2010, the BBC reported that scientists were investigating the creation of a drug containing theobromine that would replace the cough syrup containing codeine, which could have side effects.
  7. It expands your emotions; There is no denying that indulging in a good tooth every now and then makes you feel better. Patricia Fitzgerald. Chocolate eaters also report feeling under pressure.
  8. Improves blood flow; chocolate has anticoagulants, blood thinners that work in the same way as aspirin, Drs. Fitzgerald writes, which can improve blood flow and blood circulation.
  9. Improves vision; Because of the ability of chocolate to improve blood flow, especially in the brain, researchers at the University of Reading included a study in a small 2011 study that chocolate can also increase blood flow to the retina, thus giving impetus.
  10. It can make you smarter; Dark Chocolate increass your blood flow to the brain caused by cocoa's flavanols seems to make people feel more alert and alert, and, in a small British study, do better in job calculations.

We hope the above 10 points answers your questions like is bournville dark chocolate good for you and defines for you the great many health benefits of eating dark chocolates for women and men.

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