Here are some logical facts and reasons that answers your question "Is coffee bad for you", so just read and understand.

Now Is coffee bad for you or its just a drink that is like other unhealthy drinks, what is it that makes coffee so addictive is the question that every coffee lover keeps on asking whenever they sip their coffee, so we have tried here to answer these questions.

Is it a myth or Is coffee Bad for You in reality?

Is coffee bad for you
Is coffee bad for you

Understand that coffee mainly contains caffeine and caffeine is both addictive and habit forming and the nutrition in caffeine can make it good or bad depending upon its use and consumption.

Caffeine, just like many other ‘drugs’ are products of nature. They only become problematic under certain circumstances:

  1. Overuse
  2. the way your coffee and caffinee might be processed and changed by man
  3. the possibility of usage of addictive and unbalanced individuals using them

Caffeine and coffee itself is NOT bad for you. Just like cloves and cinnamon are NOT bad for you, unless you do not know when your body has had too much of their drugs.

So now You might be a little clear on your answer to the question "Is coffee bad for You?".

The Realization about intake of caffeine or coffee

One thing people don't realize about caffeine is how long it takes to get that caffeine out of your blood again. And that's eight hours to remove half of it and after 16 hours you still have 25% of it in your blood, 12.5% ​​after 24 hours wait next day and still walking around with half the caffeine was yesterday. 

If you have caffeine every day, your caffeine levels will increase and make you uncomfortable for some time! ..! You may feel stressed, bloated, have trouble sleeping, may not be able to concentrate on work, or may have a heart attack…

Have you ever had the feeling in the morning that you felt like you already had your coffee? It is best to skip your coffee day or drink decaf.

So now as per our view when some one asks "Is coffee bad for you", the answer is no not really it is actually how much coffee is bad for you.

The Good, Bad and Ugly things about Your favorite coffee

Caffeine can be good, bad or neutral for you. It depends on many factors such as age, genetics etc. But age is a very important factor. And if you are a child it can be very bad for you. But how do these caffeinated beverages affect you and your children will answer your question "Is coffee bad for you".

A. Psychological & Physical-

A child's brain tends to be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than an adult brain that explains why it is easier for children to develop caffeine dependence.

Caffeine inhibits the neurotransmitter Adenosine, which is responsible for sleep. Continued use of Caffeine can cause sleep problems. This can cause children to wake up very late at night. 

Caffeine increases the release of Adrenaline and dopamine which makes the heart beat faster, which can make them less powerful, nervous, and anxious. It lightens the blood vessels and makes them urinate more which causes the body to release Calcium.

B. Health Shortages that arrives due to too much coffee drinking-

In addition to low-fat diets caffeinated beverages usually contain low-calorie (calories that do not provide any nutrients) and children who supplement them do not get the vitamins and minerals they need, which puts them at risk of malnutrition. 

Feeding your child coffee or tea with food may interfere with the absorption of calcium and iron. (which is important for bone and tooth development in children.)

C. Toothache Problems due to caffeine

Drinking sugary caffeinated beverages can lead to tooth decay forming high sugar content and erosion of its tooth enamel from acid. So a little advice is to keep your kids away from cold drinks and switch them to other healthy sources like fruit juice.

We hope now you have answer to the question "Is coffee bad for you?".

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