Harmless Coconut Water consists of 60 calories in 1 (8 oz) and Harmless Coconut Water calorie contains : 0% fat, 100% carbs, 0% protein.

Facts about Harmless Coconut Water Nutritional Benefits

Harmless Coconut Water Nutrition and Health Benefits
Harmless Coconut Water Nutrition and Health Benefits

According to Harmless Harvest Harmless coconut water is without the added ingredients and Harmless coconut water is the closest you can drink that is similar to the coconut. Important details Expand. Water transfer. Electrolytes are naturally occurring. 

Harmless Coconut Water is a good source of potassium. Never attach heat, we-filter the micro instead of Organic & Fair Certified Health. Ingredients Expand.

Calorie Facts of Harmless Coconut Water

Nutrition Facts


Serving Size

1 serving (8 oz)

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Values*







Total Fat0.00g


Saturated Fat0.000g


Trans Fat0.000g


Polyunsaturated Fat0.000g


Monounsaturated Fat0.000g






Total Carbohydrate15.00g


Dietary Fiber0.0g






Vitamin D-








* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


There are in total of 60 calories in actual 1 serving (8 oz) of Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water.

Calorie breakdown of harmless coconut water: 0% fat, 100% carbs, 0% protein.

Is Harmless coconut water healthy and safe?

Harmless coconut water from harmless harvest healthy and it is different from other products in part because it processes its coconut water in a heat-free commercial way. Most other products burn pasteurize their coconut water. 

That means the delicate micronutrients stored in harvested coconut water are harmless, i.e., heat-sensitive antioxidants: compounds that protect your body from free radicals that can damage DNA.

One of the great benefits of Harmless Harvest's non-thermal filtering process is that it retains that rich, natural flavor of coconut water that you can drink directly from the source and this makes harmless coconut water healthy and safe for you.

Harmless coconut water is every ones favorite because its production process retains nutrients - and it tastes great

Many products are also available in non-refrigerated categories and can be stored in your pantry. 

However, because of its unique bone-crushing process, Safe Harvesting Coconut Water should actually be refrigerated from the time the coconut is cleaned until the last drop is completed.

Awesome Health Benefits of Harmless Coconut water

Below are the health benefits of Coconut water that you can also enjoy while drinking harmless coconut water :

  1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  2. Improves Lipid Metabolism
  3. Prevents Kidney Stones
  4. Aids Digestion
  5. Prevents And Treats Dehydration
  6. Helps With Muscle Cramps
  7. Strengthens Bones
  8. Reduces Bloating
  9. Aids Weight Loss
  10. Helps With Diabetes
  11. Lowers Blood Pressure
  12. Treats Diarrhea
  13. As An Electrolyte Replacement
  14. As A Detoxifier
  15. Beneficial After A Prolonged Workout Session
  16. Balances pH Levels
  17. Provides Instant Energy
  18. Cures Hangovers
  19. Relieves Headaches
  20. Treats Alzheimer’s
  21. Healthy Alternative To Caffeinated Drinks
  22. Has Antimicrobial Properties
  23. Boosts Immunity
  24. Has Anti-tumor Properties
  25. Eye Health
  26. Relieves Stress
  27. Cures Insomnia
  28. Boosts Memory
  29. Fights Depression
  30. Helps Battle Free Radical Damage
  31. Is Good For Kids
  32. Reverses Chemotherapy Damage
  33. Treats Constipation

Skin Benefits Of harmless Coconut water

Here are some of the coconut water benefits for skin that you can also get from drinking harmless coconut water :

  1. Moisturizes Skin
  2. Reduces Signs Of Aging
  3. Helps Reduce Pigmentation
  4. Treats Skin Infections
  5. Helps Reduce Acne
  6. Cures Eczema
  7. Works As A Natural Cleanser And Toner
  8. Heals Skin Infections
  9. Removes Sun Tan

Hair Benefits of Harmless Coconut water nutrition

  1. Stimulates Hair Growth
  2. Adds Shine
  3. Controls Dandruff
  4. Treats Damaged Hair
  5. Prevents Hair Loss

Why is the Harmless Harvest Coconut Water pink safe?

According to harmless harvest their coconut water is very clear when they put it in a bottle and after that some bottles turn pink due to different levels of antioxidants and contact with substances, such as light. 

They do not use hot pasteurization to process our coconut water or acidify our coconut water (by adding ingredients such as ascorbic acid), so it has a tendency to change the color pink. It is natural, so we welcome it.

Who owns harmless coconut water?

Danone Manifesto Ventures

PARIS - The Danone Manifesto Ventures, an operational arm of the Danone in Paris, has participated in Harmless Harvest, marketing fresh coconut water produced through a small filtering process. 

The Danone Manifesto, Mousse Partners and existing and new shareholders have been consolidated to invest $ 30 million.

We hope now you know all about harmless coconut water nutrition and health benefits.

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