Here is the overall details on the overall value of purple carrot nutrition and purple carrot calories as it makes you more fit and strong.

Purple carrot calories and Purple carrot nutrition Facts

Ultimate Secret of purple carrot nutrition Good for You
Ultimate Secret of purple carrot nutrition Good for You

Below chart represents purple carrot nutrition and purple carrot calories value.

Calories 130

Calories from Fat 0 (0%)

% Daily Value *



Total Fat 0g


Sodium 70mg


Potassium 350mg


Carbohydrates 31g


Net carbs 30g


Fiber 1g


Glucose 26g


Protein 1g


Vitamins and minerals


Vitamin A 0μg


Vitamin C 0mg


Calcium 40mg


Iron 0.2mg


Fatty acids


Amino acids


130 purple carrot Calories breaks down into 31g Carb (30g net carbs), 0g Fat, 1g Protein

Purple Carrot Nutrition Facts

Like all carrots, purple carrot nutrition and purple carrot calories are low in count and rich in dietary fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. In addition, all carrots (except white vegetables) are good sources of carotenoids. That is, there is a big difference in healthy eating between carrots purple / black and orange / yellow:

Fact 1: Orange carrots contain very high levels of total carotenoids, but also purple particles such as Purple Haze contain important levels.
Fact 2: In yellow and purple carrots nutrition, lutein represents about half of the total carotenoids. In contrast, in orange carrots, beta-carotene is the dominant carotenoid (65%).
Fact 3: Purple carrots nutrition contain higher amounts of phenolics (especially anthocyanins) and show higher antioxidant power than their orange and yellow counterparts.

While vitamin C and carotenoids, such as lutein, certainly contribute to some of the health benefits of purple carrots nutrition and purple carrot calories, most of the health benefits of this newly discovered superfood can be caused by anthocyanins. 

In laboratory studies, these plant pigs have been shown to have very strong antioxidant effects (more potent than analog E analogues). Given the significant amount of anthocyanin in purple carrots nutrition, it is not surprising that purple carrot varieties, such as Purple Haze, have been shown to have more anti-oxidant activity than their yellow and yellow counterparts.

Benefits of Purple Carrot Nutrition and Purple carrot calories

All carrots - independent of their color - are rich in various nutrients, such as fiber, potassium, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin A, and certain B vitamins (2Trusted Source) and its same for purple carrot nutrition.

What makes purple carrots different from healthy foods is the content of antioxidants anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins belong to the polyphenol family of antioxidants and are found in blue fruits and vegetables such as berries, grapes, purple potatoes, purple cabbage, and purple carrots.

Antioxidants such as anthocyanins help protect your body from oxidative stress, which means the imbalance between active molecules called free radicals and antioxidants in your body.

Oxidative stress has been linked to health conditions such as cancer, depression, heart disease and aging (4Trusted Source).

Because of their antioxidant properties and other chemical properties, anthocyanins in purple carrot nutrition can provide the following health benefits:

Carcinogenic Effects Against Colon Cancer Cells. A team of researchers from the Department of Food and Food Science at the University of Maryland analyzed the chemical protection effects of anthocyanin sources from various natural sources against colon cancer, and found that all anthocyanin releases were able to inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells. Studies also suggest that lutein, a major carotenoid in carrots, can provide protection against colon cancer.

  1. Strong Anti-Inflammatory Structures. Studies suggest that anthocyanins have strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the symptoms associated with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Some experts believe that the anti-inflammatory properties of anthocyanin may be more potent than those of aspirin.
  2. Qualities to Protect Eye Health. You may have heard that bilberries (wild blueberries) are good for your eyes, but other foods containing anthocyanin such as purple carrots can help improve your eye health. Studies show that anthocyanins can benefit vision in many ways, such as increasing night vision, increasing blood circulation within the retinal capillaries, combating macular degeneration, and reducing the risk of retinopathy in diabetic patients.
  3. But high levels of anthocyanin in purple carrots is not the only reason why you should want a light snack on these red ones with your eyes; lutein infused with purple carrots is also known for its protective properties of the eyes. Sometimes called "eye vitamin", lutein is widely used as an anti-aging macular degenerative agent, cataract, and retinitis pigmentosa.
  4. Improved Vascular Health. If you suffer from varicose veins or varicose veins and want to reduce varicose veins through dietary modification, adding purple carrots and other foods containing anthocyanins to your diet can be a good start. Anthocyanins help fight varicose veins by reducing enzymes that break down connective tissue, repairing damaged proteins in the walls of blood vessels, and promoting blood circulation and the overall health of the vascular system.

So the above 4 benefits are great and pure that we get from purple carrot nutrition and purple carrot calories.

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