Here are some facts that will declare the winner between vegetarian vs non vegetarian clash.

Vegetarian vs Non vegetarian 

The Real winner in Vegetarian vs Non Vegetarian Clash
Vegetarian vs non vegetarian 

Here we will tell the real winner of vegetarian vs non vegetarian which will describe that will clear people can eat meat and that meat is human food but still vegan better than non vegetarian.

By nature people eat vegetables or do not want to vegetables as they are confused in vegetarian vs non vegetarian selection.

 Nature has created two living creatures, one vegetable and the other non-vegetarian. We will analyze these two living things and judge where they fall. This should be a simple study.

And vegetarian vs non vegetarian will no longer confuse you after reading this. 

Analyzing Vegetarian vs Non Vegetarian 

We will take vegetables eater for example horse, donkey, elephant, deer and cattle. For non-vegetarians eater we will take a lion, a dog, a tiger and a fox.

Now we will analyze vegetarian vs non vegetarian eaters that will help us humans make the decisions.

1. Dental settings for this animal

Vegetable animals will have flat teeth.

Vegetables that do not eat vegetables will have sharp teeth.

People have flat teeth and not sharp teeth so now vegetarian vs non vegetarian selection is a little easy for you. 

2. How they use water

All vegetable-eating animals can absorb water and beverages.

All non-vegetable animals lick water and drink.

People draw water and drink and cannot lick and drink. 

So vegetarian vs non vegetarian is different on drinking water front.

3. You are blind at birth

Vegetable animals soon after birth can open their eyes and see the world. They do not see at the time of birth.

Non-vegetative animals are blind at birth. They can't open their eyes for the first few days. 

So humm vegetarian vs non vegetarian is getting clear in your head.

People can open their eyes and see the world immediately after their birth.

4. Fingernails

The nails of the herbivores are just flat and will not be sharpened.

The nails of non-vegetarian animals are long and sharp.

Human nails are flat and not sharp.

5. Digestive system

In vegetarians only the digestive system will be much longer, for example, food will pass through a 15-foot tube in the stomach for digestion.

The reason is that the toxic content in the diet of vegetarians is very low and we have very good vitamins and proteins. The digestive system can therefore absorb these nutrients for many hours.

6. Equal body temperature in vegetarian vs non vegetarian 

In animals that eat only vegetables to keep the body warm evenly they can consume water and transmit more heat by sweating. So body temperature and body fluids are maintained in the same way.

For vegetarians the facility is not there. They should hang their tongues and cool their bodies.

People keep their body cool by using water and sending more heat through sweat.

So this makes more easy to understand vegetarian vs non vegetarian debate.

7. Sewage or excrement in vegetarian vs non vegetarian 

Vegetable animals will not have much difficulty in sending their own excrement or feces to their body. The smell will be very bad.

Non-vegetarian animals have difficulty delivering their own excrement or feces to the body. Compared to vegetarian or non-vegetarian animals there will be a very unpleasant odor.

People will have no difficulty sending feces or feces to their body. Compared to non-vegetarian animals the bad smell will be much less.

So now we have a winner in vegetarian vs non vegetarian clash in terms of smell. 

8. Lifestyle or life behaviour in vegetarian vs non vegetarian 

Vegetable animals live in groups. They will not live alone.

Non-vegetable animals live alone and form their own habitat and will not allow other animals of their race to invade their habitat.

Someone stays in a group. They let their tribes join them and stay with them in their territory. For example in India the Persians and the Jews and have never argued with them.

So life behaviour is different in vegetarian vs non vegetarian.

9. Natural temper or tendencies or general pattern behavior in vegetarian vs non vegetarian 

Vegetable animals are generally very soft in nature and are always peaceful.

Vegetarian animals are aggressive and have no peace.

People are soft and want to live in peace. So its clear who is more dangerous in vegetarian vs non vegetarian clash.

10. Construction work doers in vegetarian vs non vegetarian clash

Vegetable animals do constructive work such as helping farmers, transporting people, pulling weights and cars etc.

Non-vegetable animals will not do any constructive work without killing other living things. They do not help people except the dog who helps to monitor the buildings.

Humans are by no means immune to adversity. They also help one another with the living creatures. So now as human you know what's good in vegetarian vs non vegetarian clash.

11. Epinephrine, also known as adrenalin or adrenaline

Epinephrine, also known as adrenalin or adrenaline, is a hormone, neurotransmitter and medication.

This hormone is produced by the body in rare cases. For example when a dog chases us or when we are fighting someone this hormone is produced in our body. It goes all over the body and only happens in rare cases.

When we are in danger we act faster than usual. This is due to the production of these hormones in our body.

Physical injury and physical and mental harm.

When any living thing is killed by the flesh these hormones are produced in the body and remain in the whole body at the time of death.

When we eat the meat of these animals these hormones are also eaten by us.

Please do some scientific research on whether we can use this or not. Personally it is my feeling that he is dangerous.

12. Energy via food intake in vegetarian vs non vegetarian 

It is often said that non-vegetarianism gives strength and power.

An elephant has a lot of energy by eating only vegetables. The ox works on the farm all day eating only vegetables.

Non-vegetarian animals after eating are asleep and will not function or function.

Soy beans contain more protein than meat. For strength and power instead of flesh this can be used.

So from above all its easy now for you to choose your winner in vegetarian vs non vegetarian clash.

Now please judge for yourselves whether you should not eat vegetables or you should not eat meat its your choice.

Our suggestion please eat vegetarian food and live a happy, peaceful and healthy life.

So in vegetarian vs non vegetarian clash, vegetarian food always wins for human selection choice.

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