Here is the power of desire fully explained and made easy for you to build a successful life.

Real Importance, Meaning and necessity of Power of desire 

Power of desire
Power of desire 

If I have to tell you about the great power that exists in this universe, it means the Power Of Desire. 

It is only the power of desire that makes the human mind wander here and there. 

The desire for happiness. The whole world follows the desire of one kind or another.

The desire to do something, the desire to be something, the desire to get something, the desire to gain something, the desire not to lose what you have.

Can you imagine what it would be like if one could honestly erase all traces of any kind from everyone else in the world? 

The earth will probably dry up. Everyone on this planet has a certain kind of desire and man cannot overcome the power of desire he has.

When desire strengthens its place in our minds then you can never imagine the power it brings with it. 

The power of desire is what drives us to push our limits, expand our abilities, and make us reach higher heights. 

But it is only this power of desire that causes the fall of man and all the difficulties that one may face in life.

The power of desire is so strong that you will not have to do anything, the desire itself will make you do your job. 

This is exactly why it is so important for us to choose our desires wisely. The right desire will make our lives miserable, and the wrong desires can totally hurt us too.

Choose Your Desires Wisely

First, we choose our desires so we do have power of desire choosing, and then we have the power of desire that does all the work. 

If the desire is big enough — it doesn't matter if the thing is right or wrong — then it will produce pools of energy big enough for you to complete what you intend to do.

Similarly, if the desire is not strong enough, then it will not be enough to make you move the muscles that will lead to inactivity and laziness. 

Every thought a person has, is based on the desires of the heart. Your thinking is based on whatever your desires are in your life and that is why it is so important that you choose your desires wisely.

Now if you want to change your thinking, you will have to change your source i.e. Desires. Once you have changed your desires, your thoughts will change. 

The moment your thoughts change, your actions will change. And as you change your actions, your life will change. Easy.

If someone’s desire is just to spend money in some way, then you can imagine the kind of thoughts that would revolve around his mind. His actions will not be more important than his thoughts. His desire will prevent him from going beyond that limit in his mind.

Therefore, it is unthinkable that if our desires have the power to change our lives and the rest of the world, and you alone have the power to choose for yourself, then it makes sense to choose a desire that surpasses your worst thought. 

Let me give you one line.

Great Desires-> Great Thoughts-> Great Power-> Great Actions

It does not mean that the more serious your actions, the more likely you are to do something worthwhile with your life.

Power of Desires Build Your Life

Whatever a person does in this world, it is not what they do, it is their desires that make them do what they do. 

Some do more because they have a greater desire for life than others do, and some do not because they are less important than their own desires for life.

Our desires simply use it as a tool to express feelings. Our actions are about choosing us, the work that is already done by our desires. Such is the power of desire. 

And I haven't even told you the best part yet. You can always change your preferences at any time.

Start today, actually, start right now, don't delay until the next minute. Whatever your wishes were, multiply them by 100 and write them down as a brand new wish. 

The point is, when it comes to choosing, we can choose the best. It is not dangerous.

Our desires are like seeds. Once you have planted neem seeds, then you will not expect mangoes to be returned. 

You will reap what you sow. Sow the right seed in your heart - your brain will just start taking instructions from it, and naturally, your body will follow.

Your heart will be the source of your energy, your mind, and your body. It is very important to allow the right kind of seed to sow in your heart, to produce the necessary energy.

The goal or power of desire you choose needs to be greater than anything you have ever imagined, in fact, it should be greater than you if you ever wanted to do something bigger than you already are.

Look at any of the great leaders of the past. Their desire was greater than their life. They all represented something so great that it was only their desires that made them achieve all the miracles that seemed impossible.

The power of desire is so strong that it will make your heart, mind, and body work according to the very essence of desire. 

If your power of desire is big enough, it will automatically do all the work for you and you will not be able to stop it even if you want to, because that is the power of desire.

Do not sow the wrong Seed thorugh your power of desire

Some people, knowingly or unknowingly, plant the wrong seed. There are so many people out there who are rich but still sad.

The reason is that unknowingly or knowingly, they plant the seeds of greed, materialism, fame, prestige, money, and so on.

Greedy individuals will not live in it right now. They will live in the future. "What I Can Get More" will release "What I Have Now". That is why more may not be enough. 

They will have no rest for the rest of their lives because they will continue to run from one place to another in an effort to fill that void created by the seeds they sow.

They will not be able to do what they really want because they are afraid of losing what they have gained. A simple wish such as "To do something good in the world, or to make one's life better"enough to move you.

If a person continues to think about him all his life, he is no different from other animals. That's our edge above other animals - thinking.

We can expand our thinking too if this gift of wisdom is not used to our great advantage then what a good thing you will do. Unfortunately, it is our own desires that have put us below the animal level today. The desire for entertainment.

It is only through the power of desires that has made us a bond in the world. These desires lead people to do things they do not want to do - they cannot get out of this trap because they are choked with pleasure.

These desires have become bad habits and it will not be possible to walk in the park to break the pattern unless their desires are changed.

Beware of the power of desire for entertainment

So, what kind of desire should one plant come from throughout the web? It's easy. "Making myself more capable of being useful to the people around me, my community, my country, and the world." You can only do good to someone else, if you have done good to yourself first. 

If you do not have enough resources to feed yourself, then you will not be able to help someone else.

So, first of all, be strong enough to help others. Once this desire is strong enough, then the power of desire will automatically make you do this work. 

No matter how much pain you go through, because the desire is too great, it will eventually make you hit all the obstacles along the way. Even you yourself can't stop if you want to.

Such is the power of desire.

Final Thoughts on power of desire


Whatever field you choose, be it a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, an architect, or a businessman - always strive to put in the kind of effort that no one has ever dreamed of. 

If that becomes your core desire — to do all you can to become your own version — then that’s when you actually put the power of desire into the right use.

And when you live like that, the feeling you get will be more than that, it will not be expressed in words. 

You will be able to feel every moment of the awakening of your life and live a life full of joy, happiness and happiness. 

The fact that you can make someone's life better in any way is probably the greatest gift you can give them.

Imagine your work inspiring someone in a certain corner of the world - people changing the way they think because of your actions - children look to you as their role models, and above all else, the sense of pride and satisfaction you will experience will be worth it.

The more you allow this power of desire to grow in you, the more power you will have to acquire the power of the world labeled "Impossible". 

You will be able to change the meaning of the impossibility by making it possible for them to focus on your work.

As you desire big the bigger your life becomes.

So hope now you understand all about power of desire.

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