We all are afraid of the side effects of leaving the gym but in reality there are none or are there some, read & find out. 

Side effects of leaving the gym won't even make high difference to you if you are exercising daily at home but if you stop exercising all together then its dangerous.

So read full and learn.

Myths on Side Effects of Leaving The Gym Busted, Explained and Discussed 

Side effects of leaving gym
Side effects of leaving gym 

The main side effect of leaving the gym can for some result in being more healthier, fitter and happier but for some it can lead to unhealthy life, disease and other bad things.

Both the above facts on side effects of leaving the gym depends on what you do after leaving the gym. 

Myths on side effects of leaving the gym when you still keep exercising and dieting at home

The below 2 points fails and are just myths on side effects of leaving the gym that you should ne not afraid of 

1. You will gain weight if you leave the gym.

Certainly. NO. The reason people believe that this is because of improper diet (or spoiled food) while going to the gym. Not all gyms are good. 

There are people who advertise small tonics to attract clients, but the readiness to work is a lifelong experience. You can't expect to lose weight and stay that way without doing physical activity. We, the people, were destined for hunting, competition and diligence.

So after you leave the gym be sure to walk or dance classes or anything like that.

2. You will be shorter / less likely to get to the gym.

Scientifically impossible. Numerous studies have shown that doing the exercises in the right form will only be helpful and can improve your posture that will make you look a few inches tall, NOT AGAIN.

Side effects of leaving the gym when exercising daily at home and following proper diet 

Below are the side effects of leaving the gym when you are exercising and dieting at home.

  1. You will learn the value of discipline and become more organized.
  2. You will see the importance of food to stay in shape
  3. You may have to cook your own food to open the way for independence.
  4. You will be motivated to help other people see what you have just done.

P.S. These are just our ideas based on what we have experienced as we never stopped exercising and following proper diet.

Consult your doctor once before leaving your gym.

5 Real Side Effects of Leaving The Gym And After That Doing No Exercise and Eating Unhealthy

If you leave gym and regain all your bad eating habits and never exercise then side effects of leaving the gym will be very harmful for you.

 5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Exercising and in your terms these are side effects of leaving the gym when you stop exercising.

1. Your blood pressure rises as a side effect of leaving gym

This change is rapid as high blood pressure is higher on the days you exercise than on days you do not use it, Prevention said. 

If you skip any type of exercise your blood vessels get used up quickly, raising your blood pressure a few couples after just two weeks of missed workouts. 

Within a month of ignoring your body, your arteries and veins tighten, sending your blood pressure readings back to where they would have been if you had never left the couch or started exercising early. 

If you suffer from high blood pressure, a month or two back in the gym will lower your numbers and your blood vessels will work better.

2. Your muscles gets weaker as a side effect of leaving gym

Elite Daily reports that even after three days of missed work, your body will begin to change. 

Your muscles will begin to shrink, the fibers will lose their ability to burn fat, and you will begin to lose the energy it took to build them up. 

You will not be able to look in the mirror immediately and see your body shrink, but when you finally hit the gym and your muscles get tired faster than before. 

Muscles that are rarely used in your daily life such as your abdomen are the fastest to lose tone, while the muscles like your ropes that you use for walking will gradually slow down.

This a very harmful side effect of leaving the gym.

3. Your bones get weak as a side effect of leaving gym 

One of the long-term effects is related to your bone health. Of course, you can't look at yourself in the mirror and see this change happen. 

But if you do not exercise for months at a time, the results can be devastating to your bones within a year. “As we grow older and over time we need to work harder to maintain our resilience,” explains ShapeScale. 

"If you don't have a weight-bearing job bone can be very vulnerable and you will be at risk of osteoporosis."

4.  Bad change in your mood a side effect of leaving gym 

Every exercise addict knows about the happy feeling after exercise. You feel light, healthy, clean and strong. 

Why? it means exercise has the ability to improve your mood and actually suppresses the chemicals in the brain that cause stress by releasing other reducing chemicals. 

Not only will you miss out on the best workouts, but you may also feel overwhelmed and insecure about your appearance as you lose weight and gain weight.

5. The functions of your brain change as a side effect of leaving gym 

Mood isn’t the only thing that changes when you stop exercising for too long. The Men's Journal reports on a study by the University of Maryland that examined the effects of brain activity on stopping sweat. 

A study of endurance athletes took ten days of exercise, with athletes “showing low blood flow to brain regions such as the hippocampus, which is involved in memory.” 

Admittedly, taking a few days off will probably not lead to complete memory loss. But it should be an added incentive to return to the gym.

So now its upto which phase of side effect of leaving gym you want to go through.

We seriously recommend you to consult your doctor before leaving your gym and we urge you to exercise daily at home and eat healthy.

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