Here is the pure explanation of real significance of Kundalini Awakening on twin flame journey made easy for you. 

Significance of Kundalini's Awakening on twin flame journey

Kundalini Awakening
Real significance of Kundalini's Awakening on twin flame journey 

The Kundalini Awakening is a manifestation of the divine power lying to all people and is not the only flame of the twins.

However the flames of the twins are given to the awakening of the kundalini by simply random contact with colleagues can be through physical contact, eye contact and sometimes with a mental phone and 5d dreams. 

While non-flame twins people have to deal with a rigorous and tedious process of trauma as well as other spiritual processes such as kundalini yoga, tantra or mantra offered by a spiritual guru during initiation.

How important is the journey of the twin twins?

Often one of the partners (spiritual twin) experiences an increase in kundalini and as they both share the same chakra system it can also affect the matrix twins.

Why is the awakening of the kundalini important?

Kundalini awakening is very important for ascension and enlightenment. This is no different with the twin flames. 

Kundalini Awakening helps the flames of the resurrected twins to burn their self-esteem, let go of their thoughts and discard all 3d patterns and social situations. 

They have become more aware of higher consciousness as the kundalini progresses from the roots to the crown of the chakra.

Can this be shown to his colleagues even if they are not resurrected and the kundalini is not open to them?

It may not be the same as the resurrected one. But it helps them to progress to the light and as a result be awakened at some point. I believe that matrix twins also cause their kundalini to be formed after a certain milestone as this plays an important role in their union.

Why is Kundali Awakening unity important?

The Union took place on 5 levels. Physical, etheric, emotional, causal and spiritual level. In order for the twins to enter into unity with each other for the first time they must find internal unity in each level which means that all 5 bodies must be in harmony. The resurrection of Kundalini does that.

Connection of Kundalini Awakening with Twin Flame journey 

The Kundalini awakening - in other words the spiritual awakening - is part of each other. One could say that a spiritual awakening is a kindalini awakening - or a wakalini awakening is the result of a spiritual awakening.

Any person, who is responsible for the spiritual resurrection, can experience the resurrection of the kundalini. It’s not just the flames of the twins.

If you are trying to figure out the link between kundalini awakening and twin flames here is what we will say:

  1. The connection of the Twin flame has a spiritual purpose behind it. The soul is divided and becomes flesh for a specific purpose. The work of the flame twin. (Details about the twin flame mission - link below.)
  2. After being in the flesh, the soul lives a normal life, without knowing the divine purpose for which they came here.
  3. The union of the twin flames (according to the process of your soul) is possible and begins your spiritual journey of transformation and self-improvement.
  4. Your twin flames play a major role in causing you to rekindle your true purpose. This is a painful process which is why your flame (same soul) becomes your spiritual partner. It’s a perfect collaboration.
  5. To prepare for your spiritual assignment, you need to get up and move on to some awareness.
  6. What does it mean when we say: come up with some awareness? We all live normally in 3/3 consciousness. As we rise and begin to rise - we begin to transform our consciousness into a higher level of consciousness (4D / 5D ..)
  7. This shift in your consciousness to higher levels in other words is the awakening of the kundalini.
  8. Ascension is important for the soul to function it's a mission. It is therefore natural for the twin flames to feel the awakening of the kundalini.

We hope now you are clear on real significance of Kundalini Awakening on twin flame journey.

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