Here are some reasons that will prove to you why gardening is good for health and why you must in your spare time opt of gardening.

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7 reasons proving gardening is good for health

10+ Reasons Proving Gardening is good for Health
10+ Reasons Proving Gardening is good for Health

Many people are proud of their gardens. They are passionate green thumbs enjoying the scent of fresh flowers while working in the garden. But with that comes the benefits of gardening. So, what are some of the reasons why a garden is ready for you?

Did you know that a gardening and planting flowers can cause you to burn 200-400 calories an hour? On the other hand, if you cut the grass, you can burn between 250 and 350 calories an hour.

A garden can not only be an effective form of exercise, but it can also benefit your mental health. Spending time outdoors can help reduce feelings of frustration, anger, and stress. In addition, the garden is ideal, as it can help reduce the risk of diseases such as stroke and osteoporosis, in addition to improving your immune system.

Reasons Proving Gardening is Good for Health

Below are some of the reasons that proves gardening is good for health and you should try it out.

1. Gardening is good for health as it helps in Reducing the risk of stroke

According to the British Medical Journal, gardening can help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. If you are looking for a group of 60 years or older, a garden can help extend life by up to 30%.

2. Gardening is good for health as it helps  Burning calories

Gardening can be a daunting task depending on what you do and for how long. One simple hour of farming can help you burn 330 calories. Also, if you do the garden for three or four hours, you can easily burn as many calories as you would from an hour of exercise.

Therefore, the National Institute of Health recommends 30-45 minutes gardening three to five times a week. What could be the right solution for those who do not want to visit the gym.

3. Gardening is good for health as it helps in relief

Working as a gardener as an exercise can be good for you, as it helps release endorphins, a hormone that helps people feel satisfied and at ease. Also, direct contact with the sun can help improve your mood. Similar to the seasonal disruption, a type of depression that occurs during the winter months when sunlight is blocked.

4. Gardening is good for health as it helps in Improvement of immune system

In addition, another benefit of the sun is that it can help you absorb large amounts of vitamin D. In summary, vitamin D can help your body absorb calcium, which can help keep your bones strong and your system healthy.

5. Gardening is good for health as it helps you learn about responsibility 

Keeping your garden and keeping your plants alive is a big job. This can be helpful for those who have mental health problems or for those who only want self-confidence and purpose.

6. Gardening is good for health as it helps you live in the moment.

Being outside in your garden and experiencing the changing times as they happen can help you feel connected to the world. This is like sitting in an office all day just looking out the window can make time pass quickly before you realize it will be New Year's Eve again. Therefore, spending time outdoors and meeting flowers as they bloom can be a great way to save time.

7. Gardening is good for health as it is a type of free treatment for anger.

If you have had a bad day, simply picking up a shovel and doing hard digging or hard pruning can be a good way to get rid of the bad feelings you have accumulated. In addition, destroying brambles and unwanted weeds is an easy way to use anger, because if you don't destroy them, they will soon be able to take over your garden!

8. Gardening is good for health as it helps  improve Sensory functioning 

Spending time in the garden is a great way to improve your nervous system. With all the different scents, colors and designs of the plants around you, you can make the most of your body. This can be especially helpful to young children who are learning about the various meanings they have.

9. Gardening is good for health as it helps in fruits and vegetable growth that you can eat.

Growing fruit and vegetables in your garden can be good for you, as you can also include your products in your diet. Apples, tomatoes, carrots, in your garden, can help you access your five daily newspapers.

10. Gardening is good for health as it helps in reducing osteoporisis.

Osteoporosis is a disease that can weaken bones, therefore, it increases the risk of fractures. Therefore, regular participation in the garden, will participate in repetitive activities that will ensure that all major muscle groups are well trained. This can help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Positive Effects of Gardening Proving Gardening is good for health

Nature is the ultimate healer and full of Human Heritage.

Spending time in nature, feeling the freshness and excitement of the environment will always bring happiness and satisfaction to one's daily life. It will help with mental and physical well-being.

For example: Walking in the morning, walking barefoot on the cold grass, playing with animals, exercising outdoors, and gardening.

Here are a few more positive results that proves Gardening is good for health

  1. Gardening develops your emotions
  2. Reduces feelings of pressure or anger
  3. It helps you take the time and feel comfortable
  4. Improves your physical health
  5. It develops your self-confidence and self-confidence
  6. It helps you to work harder
  7. It helps you make new connections
  8. Gardening provides peer support.

You know what: when we grow a plant or a tree it connects to it, and that plant or tree becomes our child. This upbringing is not only beneficial for the child but also provides the best for the caregiver.

You know: The gardens around the prisons have a long history of improving the lives of prisoners and providing employment training in the agricultural industry.

7 Other benefits of gardening proving gardening is good for health

  1. Cultivation in direct sunlight lowers blood pressure and increases vitamin D levels in summer.
  2. Working in the garden restores professionalism (especially craftsmanship) and energy, and the exercise involved can easily consume the same amount of calories as can be used in the gym.
  3. Regular moderate exercise can reduce the risk of dementia, mental health problems, heart disease, diabetes, and breast and colon cancer, and in an Australian study, gardening has been found to be more effective than walking, teaching or keeping alcohol at moderate levels in preventing dementia. It improves confidence and transforms the EEG.
  4. Trees, fences, and other plants withstand climate change by trapping carbon and releasing oxygen; and worldwide, forests could produce a quarter of man-made carbon dioxide. They also improve the environment by reducing noise, heat, light, wind, water leakage, erosion and dust.
  5. Cooling from the evaporation and evaporation of water from the leaves can reduce the need for fresh air in buildings, and cooling also reduces the formation of certain pollutants, such as ozone.
  6. Crops can also help solve the problem of soil contaminated industrial areas.

7 feelings you get while Gardening that proves Gardening is good for health

You will feel the below points if you get used to gardening which will prove to you that gardening is good for health.

So when you do gardening you will : 

  1. feel more confident in yourself and have better confidence
  2. feel and express various emotions
  3. feel the power of building and maintaining good relationships with others
  4. feel involved with the world around you
  5. feel the power to live and work productively
  6. feel the power to deal with the pressures of everyday life
  7. Control in times of change and uncertainty.

We hope now you are clear on the power of gardening and you know that gardening is good for health so you will do it for yourself.

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