Its a fact that you are what you eat because your body and mind tends to grow upon what you feed it, so lets look at its importance.


You are what you Eat





A healthy brain is a by product of healthy eating so its true that you are what you eat.


Men should know that from the brain, and from the brain only, bring forth the joys, the joys, the laughter and our jokes, and grief, pain, sorrow and our tears. With it, in particular, we think, we see, we hear and we distinguish between evil and evil good, bad good, sweet from -like unpopular. It's the same thing that makes us angry though delirious, inspires us with fear, brings insomnia again.

In these ways I assume that the brain exists the most powerful organ in the human body and it develops to its full potential when you believe and follow the rule of you are what you eat.

Proving You are What You Eat


As you know a computer depends upon its software and hardware and when we don't maintain that the computer malfunctions which is same with us as we need to eat good and exercise to stay fully functional.


Its best to say you are what you eat because its true as you can see half of the world is fighting with obesity due to eating bad unhealthy food.

Feed it in your mind that you are what you eat.

Inserted into your skull, just inches from your eyes, eight and six billion of the best transistor operators in known place. This neural network is you, using the operating system we know as life, and no computer yet pregnant is approaching its awesome power. Of association over billions of years of life on Earth, yours the brain can store about eight thousand iPhones ’relevant details. 


All you are, do, love, hear, care, longing, and longing for performance are wonderfully empowered It’s beautiful, seamless, and very fast: when scientists try imitating just one second of the human brain skills, it it took supercomputers for 40 minutes to do so.


So its a real fact that you are what you eat and you are what you do as nothing on earth can stop you from being a junkie fatty if you don't follow this rule.


Real Life Issues that explains you are what you eat

Now with the bad news: today's world is like The Hunger Games, and your brain is an unconscious combatant, he hunted mercilessly and mercilessly on all sides. How living today undermines our wonderful birthright, fighting our good mental functioning, and setting us up at risk of some serious adverse effects.


So unlike hunger games where people seem to be still very fit without eating that good in a right manner we all in real life have to follow the rule of you are what you eat no matter what.

Our processed foods provide us with cheaper and more calories with poor nutrient content and toxic additives. Ours jobs sow us to do the same jobs over and over again and, as our brain grows through change and stimulation.


We are bound by depression, inability to communicate with nature, unnatural sleep patterns, and excessive exposure to news as well grief, and our social networks have been replaced by The Social Network - all of which leads to premature ejaculation aging and decay. We have made the world so far from where our minds came from right now as we must follow the simple rule of you are what you eat.


This modern construction motivates us to integrate damage to our daily actions. We convince ourselves that six hours in bed means we get a full night's sleep.

We use junk food and energy drinks to stay awake, sleeping pill, and then come over the weekend too with escapism, all in a weak attempt to temporarily catch up to bring it back to our daily struggle. This results in a shorter circuit in our blockchain control system — the voice of our inner brain reason - to turn us into lab mice by searching we want our own the next dopamine hit based on the fact that you are what you eat.


The cycle moves forward, over time A complex, invisible symphony of sensory processing strengthening habits and driving change that does not just happen we feel insane, but in the end it can lead to a decline in understanding.


Hence its a fact that you are what you eat my friend and you need to work on you eating habits.


The False Advertisement making us Eat Junk

Whether we know it or not, we are caught quarrels between warring factions. Food companies, operating under the "invisible hand" of the market, are run by shareholders to bring in ever-increasing profits they put themselves at risk of insignificance. So yes in this case the you are what you eat logic works for all of us in a negative direction.


As a result, they sell food to us is clearly designed to create unsatisfactory addiction. Use on the contrary, our unfunded health care system also Scientific research tools are stuck in the play of time, issuing well-intentioned advice and policy it is subject to innumerable bias - from the faulty errors of the obvious corruption with industry-sponsored courses and scientific activities dependent on private funding.

Not surprisingly, even well-educated people are confused when it comes to nutrition as the forget the simple rule of you are what you eat. One day we are told that avoid butter, next so we can drink it again.



On Monday we hear that exercise is the best way to lose weight, only to learn on Friday that its impact on us is bad and the waistline is lower compared to the diet. We are told more and more that whole grains are the key to a healthy heart, but whether heart disease is caused by a lack of morning oatmeal? 



Blogs and traditional stories are similarly trying to cover new science, but its coverage ( interesting headlines) often seems to have the intention of driving their hats websites rather than public information.



Our doctors, nutritionists, and even the government they all have their own ideas, and yet they know it to we are unwittingly influenced by the supernatural eye.

As long as modern medicine is available, doctors believe that the structure of the brain is repaired when it matures. The power to change - even if it belongs to a person born with- learning disabilities, brain injury, dementia sick, or simply looking to improve their approach brain function - was considered impossible. 


Then, in the mid-ninety, that was discovered completely changes the way scientists and doctors view the brain: it has been found that new brain cells can be formed throughout the life of an adult. This was very true welcome news to the son who is the heir of the outstanding product of the emergence of Darwinian: the human brain. 



Up to that point the formation of new brain cells - called neurogeneis - was it is thought to occur only during development.

So yes it is a fact that for proper brain growth and functioning we must eat good and we must all follow the rule of you are what you eat no matter what.

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