Here is the base nutritional facts on apple calories that will help you decide you your overall diet.

Also we have listed for you amazing health benefits of eating apples.


Apple calories Nutritional Facts

Apple calories
Apple calories 


Nutrition Facts on overall apple calories here listed for you.




Serving Size:


medium (3" dia) (182ggrams)


Amount Per Serving


Calories from Fat 2.8

Calories 95

% Daily Value*

0%                            Total Fat 0.3g

0%                            SaturatedFat 0.1g

                                 Trans Fat 0grams

                                 Poly Fat0.1grams

                                 Mono Fat 0grams

0%                           Cholesterol 0mg

0%                           Sodium 1.8mg

6%                            Potassium195mg

8%                           Total Carbs 25grams

18%                         Diet Fiber 4.4grams

                                 Sugars 19grams

                                 Protein 0.5grams

 2%                          Vitamin A

 14%                        Vitamin C

 0.8%                          Calcium

 1.2%                          Iron


Apple Calories mainly depend on the size of the apple, usually a medium apple containing 100 calories, 25 gms carbs - 0.5 gms protein - 0.9 gms fat - 5.8 gms fiber.


Apple Calories Awesomeness



Apple calories are full of many benefits as apples help to satisfy satiety


It helps to fulfill the cravings for sugar.


It helps to lighten the skin.


It replenishes live glycogen levels.


Apple calories are suitable for patients with diabetes


It helps lower cholesterol levels


The antioxidants present in apple calories help fight cancer cells and reduce aging


Apple is full of vitamins.


It is good for heart health and helps to lose weight.


It strengthens the immune system.


Remember that all healthy foods will work together and improve you as a whole, Our body and healthy food are the same system that will integrate and work together to create a better and healthier body function.


Apples have many advantages.


We can't judge Apple's calories Without knowing its weight and its type of separation.


Because apple calories differ from one type to another. Usually 100 g of apple contains 50-55 calories.


How many apple calories are good and How many can you eat?


Although apple calories are good in sugar content an apple a day will not make you eat more sugar. New research shows that eating 1 apple a day can protect women from heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels.


There are no known side effects from eating apples or drinking apple juice, except that some people may get diarrhea.


The main thing about apples is not eating seeds; apple seeds contain cyanide and are toxic. Eating enough seeds (in some cases, one cup of apple seeds) can cause death.


Of course it is. An apple a day keep the doctor away, I bet you know this.

Health benefits of eating apples 


Here are some benefits of eating apples and intaking apple calories regularly that you should know:


1. Grinding health benefits of eating apples 


Having a high fiber content, apples are very effective in helping the digestive system. In detail, the essential ingredient in apples has the ability to improve bowel movements and protect against constipation and other stomach ailments. 

In addition, fiber also helps to increase the flow of food throughout the digestive tract, making it move faster and smoother.


By eating apples regularly and taking apple calories, your digestive system can absorb nutrients better and at the same time remove bad cholesterol from the blood vessels and arteries. 

As a result, your heart will work much better and remain safe from atherosclerosis.



2. Prevention of cancer health benefits from eating apples 


There are a variety of natural ingredients that are believed to have the potential to protect against cancer and apples are among the most powerful.

 This conclusion has been drawn from several studies and studies on the effects of apples on various types of cancer, including breast, colon, and lung cancer. 

In detail, the apple has proven to be an effective fruit tree, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Phytonutrient substances such as kaempferol and quercetin are believed to be the key to this miracle.



3. Anemia prevention health benefits of eating apples 


Anemia is caused by a lack of hemoglobin in the blood. This cannot be treated without iron, which inevitably increases the metabolism of red blood cells. 

Due to the increase in red blood cells in the body, the condition of the anemia will be greatly improved. Along with that, better oxygenation within the body also helps the body's systems to function properly.



4. Heart health benefits of eating apples 


By lowering cholesterol levels and lowering triglycerides in the blood, apples help to protect against cardiovascular disease. 

At the same time, it can prevent fatty deposits in the bloodstream, which in turn can lead to dangerous pressure. 

Currently quercetin works to reduce inflammation in our arteries so that your heart can work properly.



5. Diabetes control health benefits of eating apples



For those with diabetes, apples and apple calories can be a great way to control blood sugar. Studies have found a strong link between eating a regular apple and lowering carbohydrates in the body, which measures blood sugar levels.


At the same time, polyphenols in apples work well in the digestive tract to prevent sugar absorption and promote insulin production. As a result, blood sugar will automatically flow to the cells, boosting metabolism and other organs.


All of this makes apples an ideal ingredient to improve diabetes.



6. Oral health benefits of eating apples



Apples and apple calories are used to keep your teeth and gums clean and prevent changes from getting cavities. 

This benefit comes from the effect of fiber and antibodies on the fruit, which have the ability to cleanse and fight harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Also, using an apple is a good way to stimulate saliva production, making it harder for bacteria to grow and spread in the mouth.

So now we hope that you know all about apple calories and health benefits of eating apples.

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