You want to know about calories in Heineken as the Heineken calories is unknown to you so read below and learn my friend.

Heineken Calories

Cool Facts about Heineken Calories You Must Know

Heineken Calories is a very confusing fact that you must know as you are the one having it right mate so just note this down and never forget :

As per the basic nutritional values provided by the great old Heineken website you will be glad to know that a 12-ounce Heineken bottle has about 149 calories, 11 grams of carbs, and zero grams of protein.

So yes you consume 149 calories so now in your game to control your calorie intake you know now that Heineken calories count is around 149 so you have to plan accordingly your daily meal if you are a big fan of Heineken.

How many calories in a 330ml can of Heineken?

Hey man you if you like to be a know it all just don't throw it in the face of every friend you have as they don't like it, actually my mate nobody does.

But to answer your question a 330ml can of Heineken contains 139 calories and that is for standard bottle but in some other variants the Heineken calories is around 69.

Heineken® 0.0, a cool and awesome non-alcoholic lager brewed drink with a pinch of crazy unique recipe for a distinct balanced taste  has only 69 calories per 33cl bottle.

Fun fact right.

You will be happy to know that Heineken calorie consumption does not comes with cherry on top as it has 0 grams of sugar but if you are looking for some carbs then it has around 11.4 grams.

Heineken Calories Cool Facts

Well you can check it on with the bar tab but for your info a pint of Heineken calorie count goes to 227 kcal approx.

As you might know or not know that your favourite brand (I say it because you are reading it throughly my friend) Heineken announced it’s cool new awesome SunRise Hard Seltzer collaboration with AriZona, the beverage company known for its fruit-flavored teas and juices so get ready for some fruity non alcoholic beer.

The cool new Heineken drink will contain 4.6-percent ABV and 100 calories per 11.5 ounce can, the new drink will be sold in both 12-can variety packs and larger (19.2 ounce) single-serve cans so just calm down guys.

So now its all clear for you and if you are drinking your Heineken and reading this then man its the right time we got in infront of you eyes right!

Drink healthy and eat healthy.

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