We all keep hearing about the American Association of Diabetes Educators but many of you don't know what is it so here is your answer.

All the details on American Association of Diabetes Educators

What is American Association of Diabetes Educators?
What is American Association of Diabetes Educators?

Understand this that the American Association of Diabetes Educators, or AADE, is a very large and multi-membership organization for healthcare professionals who specialize in teaching all the patients about the harmful disease of diabetes and how to self-manage this disease and take care of yourself.

 The association was founded in 1973, AADE works to define and help people with the practice of diabetes education, increase patients' access to the real life services of diabetes educators, and provide the members with the support and tools to become leaders in the field of diabetes care.

 American Association of Diabetes Educators or in short AADE represents and supports diabetes educators by providing members with the resources to stay on top of the current research and contribute, finding new methods and trends in the field and by offering opportunities to network and collaborate with other healthcare professional.

Where is the American Diabetes Association Educators?

 It is is Everywhere! Starting with the internet they have a good online presence, but seriously, there are many many offices of the ADA; their main headquarters office is located at: 1701 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22311, USA.

You can check out the main ADA website for more info.

They have a facebook page which is liked and followed by many.

American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference

American Association of Diabetes Educators has been conducting many conferences for their members and general public and they have many program's and follow up work that is being regulated in these conferences. 

There is Drive Integration, Personal Care training, Focus on Health Behavior, Leveraging technology.

American Association of Diabetes Educators Nutritional therapy

There are four goals of nutrition therapy given by American Association of Diabetes Educators,

1) Promoting and supporting healthy eating patterns.

2) To maintain the pleasure of eating.

3) Provide people meal plans and tools to their meal plans mainly to those who are suffering from diabetes.

4) Increasing Health literacy and access to healthy foods. 

American Association of Diabetes Educators Training about devices

American Association of Diabetes Educators proves training and access to the latest diabetes tech that  can make diabetes management simpler. 

The association tells about the benefits of CGM therapy and why now is the time to use them, including the program of promoting awareness and how educators can use them in their practices.

Diabetes care and education specialists can help interpret CGM data, discuss which behavioral changes the patient wants to make, and refer those recommendations to the endocrinologist who can handle the technical aspects easily and in this the association  plays an important role.

So we hope now you understand about American Association of Diabetes Educators.

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