Pranayama yoga as a yoga for breathing exercise is very important to treat shortness of breath and other health problems as it helps us get enough oxygen necessary for the brain to function.

You can gain high proficiency with a great deal about existence by focusing on your breathing as Pranayama yoga is the practice of manipulating your breathing for optimum benifits.

Practicing Pranayam yoga 

Do you know "Pranayama yoga" is the best yoga for breathing  beniifits

 While practicing Pranayam yoga, take a full breath in and hold it. Feel the increasing inconvenience that works as you resist the normal mentality to give up. It is the best type of yoga for breathing.

At the point when it gets too uncomfortable, discharge your breath and notice the immediate alleviation that you feel. 

Practicing anything when its time to give up makes trouble in your body and mind. Now calmly inhale, completely void your lungs, and hold your breath.

 Become mindful of the expanding inconvenience that develops when you oppose something from entering your life that you are intended to acknowledge. Notice the alleviation that you feel as you take your next breath. 

Ingesting, retaining, discharging, and taking out the bad the good and the virtuas—these are the key parts of a sound life and of natural, adjusted relaxing. 

At the point when these essential capacities are working great, you can ingest what you need and eliminate what you don't, bringing about existence sustaining nourishment and detoxification. 

At the point when you take a chomp of an apple, for instance, you ingest expected sustenance, however the vitality and data contained inside the food don't open up to you until you’ve absorbed the fundamental supplements through your little intes-prongs. 

In each substance you ingest in your body there are components that don't serve you, so a sound stomach related system releases the no nourishing material from your body. 

It is important to dispense with the build-ups of digestion on a customary reason for you to remain healthy. 

These same advances are pertinent on an emotional level. At the point when individuals take part in genuinely amazing relationships, they regularly ingest more passionate vitality and information than they are equipped for processing. 

This takes a high strain on brain and thus pranayama yoga as yoga for breathing helps control the anxiety and provides high energy to you.

Pranayama yoga a positivity yoga for you 

To fundamentally train yourself and to have a solid enthusiastic life, we should all selectively absorb those parts of the passionate experience that are nourishing, while at the same time discharging and disposing of those compo-nents that, whenever held, could be harmful. Pranayama yoga helps in gaining the positive and removes the negative.

The Law of Giving and Receiving is in constant play during the act of pranayama yoga as yoga for breathing exercises.

Conscious breathing methods concentrating on the interminable trade that is occurring between your personal body and the all-encompassing body of your environ-ment. 

You trade ten billion trillion particles with your surroundings with each breath you take. 

The iotas you inhale every second consistently have navigated the groups of living beings over the universe and across time. 

Inside you right now, you have carbon iotas that once possessed the body of a cheetah in Africa, a dolphin in the South Pacific, a palm tree in Tahiti, or an Australian Aborigine.

Ultimately, every molecule in your body was stardust, created at the very beginning of the universe. Your yoga for breathing is a declaration to the Law of Giving and Receiving.

Yoga for breathing as a conscious choice

Conscious breath work is also an expression of the Law of Least Effort and the Law of Dharma. 

In a healthy body, breathing is an effortless process, automatically speeding up or slowing down, becoming deeper or shal-lower with the subtlest shift in your body’s requirements for energy. 

The oxygen you inhale supports the ultimate purpose(dharma) of every cell in your body, enabling each to exercise swiftly its unique talent while serving the wholeness of the physiology. 

On both physical and emotional levels, pranayama yoga a yoga for breathing exercises clear the channels that enable you to effortlessly exchange your personal energy with the energy of the universe. 

Consciously directed, your vital energy can be used for creativity and healing. Pranayama yoga breathing exercises are tools to help you channel your vital force in evolutionary ways that bring you higher levels of physical and emotional well being.

We recommend Pranayama yoga for you as a medical cure for many health related problems like shortness of breath, anxiety,  depression,  asthma and others.

Yoga for breathing is a boon given to mankind.

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