Yoga Breathing exercises for anxiety is an important part of our life as it helps avoid breath related problems like shortness of breath, asthma etc, we must learn the art of regulating and controlling our breath through art of yoga breathing called Bhastrika Pranayam, so now read and learn.

When you feel a lot of high positive energy moving through and within your body, you can naturally and easily breathe more rigorously and vigorously for optimum health benefits. 

You spontaneously move more air when you are exercising or doing high physical activities because your body requires a greater quantity of oxygen to supply to your energy needs and avoid work anxiety. This energy need is easily fullfilled by yoga breathing exercises for anxiety removal and its best example is Bhastrika pranayama.

In the same way that invigorating action highly increases the depth of your breathing, you canconsciously can deepen your breathing, resulting in greater energy available to your body.

Importance of Bhastrika Pranayam 

Learn the art of breathing through "Bhastrika Pranayama"
Bhastrika Pranayam 

One of the most empowering and positive yoga breathing exercises for anxiety cure and other benifits is Bhastrika Pranayam, which translated into English means “bellows breath.” This is an energizing and cleans-ing breath. Although it is generally a very safe technique it should be practiced under professional guidance it is significant that you stay checked out your body during this process. 

In the event that whenever you experience uncomfortable sensations or feel highly unsteady during the procedure, dis-proceed and discontinue with the Bhastrika for a couple of seconds, after some time when you feel in control at that point resume the practice in a less extraordinary manner.

Basic Bhastrika Pranayam steps

Begin by loosening up your stressed shoulders and rehearsing slow, deep stomach relaxing. 

After a couple of full breaths, fully exhale, and after ward start commanding the total exhalations followed by an intense profound inward breaths through your nose atthe pace of one second for each cycle. 

The whole Bhastrika pranayam breathing movement ought to be from your stomach. Keep your head, neck, shoulders, and chest generally stable while your stomach moves in and out.

Start with a round of ten Bhastrika Pranayam breathing, then resume normal breathing and simply observe the sensa-tions in your body. 

After about fifteen to thirty seconds, begin the next round with twenty breaths. If you feel light-headed or experience tingling in your fingers or around the area of your mouth, discontinue your deep bhastrika breathing and simply observe your normal gentle quiet breathing until the sensations completely subside, then resume the process.

After a pause of thirty seconds, perform a third round of thirty breaths. Again, suspend your Bhastrika Pranayam breathing when you feel woozy. 

After the third and final round, simply witness the postive vibrant sensations in your body. For most people, this breathing exercise creates the experience of feeling highly energized and positively invigorated. 

This is the basic format which is to be followed for a proper Bhastrika pranayama process as it is one of the best yoga breathing exercises for anxiety cure.

Caution and daily use of Bhastrika Pranayam 

If you feel a little sluggish in the morning, perform a set of Bhastrika Pranyam breathing and you will feel the clouds getting clear from your body and mind. 

You can also perform a 2 minutes of Bhastrika during the day if you are feeling drowsy or highly lethargic. 

If you are trying to lose weight, performing Bhastrika Pranayam breathing several times per day with high focus will increase your digestive power and help your metabolism burn more intensely.

 It is generally not recommended that you perform Bhastrika pranayama breathing close to your sleep time that is your bed time as you may have difficulty falling asleep. Although Bhastrika clears the mind and energizes the body. 

As yoga breathing exercises for anxiety cure are many Bhastrika Pranayam is one of it which gives you optimum health benefits.

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